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*bump* again

again this is for an image button.
It sends only one value for a CC.
I created a two frame png for this button, one with the LED off, one with the LED on.

I want the first frame in a normal state (LED off), but on mouseDOWN the second frame should appear (with LED on) and the single "00" message should be sent. on mouse up, the button should return to it’s normal state, with the LED off.

I want to use this for an "all notes off" button.

I also have a button that sends a dump request to the synth which needs to operate in the same way except that it sends one single sysex message, not a cc. ..

so a single button with two frames (off state and on state) to be used for single messages.. the second frame gives visual feedback that the button has been pressed.

thank you! Please let me know if this is already there and I’m just missing something. As mentioned before this was working previously just by giving a button a single value and ensuring "button is toggle" is not ticked, but hasn’t been functioning since about rev 470

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