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[quote:bc2m7ahi]"Well, Dave’s reasoning is that since their is no structure for saving the individual patches within a multi, people would be overwriting their individual patches when they used them within multis. Then they’d get confused and pissed….

I do think that this is crazy. People who are going to be working this way – creating 4 simultaneous sequences with their programs, will come up with a methodology to deal with this issue. when I think about a polyevolver that would allow you to do this, it really pisses me off that it’s disabled. That would just be so great.

You could work it like Waldorf synths. In those, you can save the links by saving the multi explicitly, and you can save the programs separately, or you can save everything. Ultimately, if you’re using a powerful synth, but you refuse to learn how to use it, why should the people who want this flexibility be punished for it? Overly dramatic I guess, but I returned mine as soon as I discovered this. At the time the only mention of it was in the ‘small print’ in the manual – but the machine itself was touted as like having 4 evolvers, which is blatantly untrue.

And the thing that really pissed me off at the time was that after spending hours working on a complicated multi – pressing save would reload the previous saved state of the patches – I lost everything.

I’m virtually 100% sure that he’s never changed this. Apparently at one point he said that he’d consider doing it for some future upgrade, but that was years ago."[/quote:bc2m7ahi]

i think i can make something in lua :

when you click on save button : i go in program mode, i save the program and i come back in combo mode

obviously if the problem is the same for all