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"nozoku":1essdr6f wrote:
or maybe someone can help with another way of showing various "knobs" names for various effects. every effect has different parameter names – but the same parameter sysexes (more or less…)[/quote:1essdr6f]

I’m not sure if it’s what you’re going for, but I have an effects section that sounds like it works similarly.. I have a dropdown that selects the effect, then three other dropdowns that have their bg and outline alpha set to 00 so they appear like abels for three effect parameter knobs.

the value of the effect dropdown then drives the value of the label 1. label 1 drives the value of label 2, label 2 drives the value of label 3 like below:

[code:1essdr6f] (knob) (knob) (knob)
effect dropdown –> label 1 –> label 2 –>label 3

the knobs send the same sysex value no matter what, but the parameter name (drive, speed, mix, etc) changes depending on which effect is selected.

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