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"atom":2516cba3 wrote:
No there was never any OSC support in Ctrlr. I never added this cause i have no test platform for it (don’t really know how wold that work in Ctrlr). I’m open to suggestions on this topic. The network device in Ctrlr was built for remote controlling Ctrlr from portable devices (Tablets, smartphones) but it wasn’t OSC, i still want such a remote control interface to be made at some point so maybe i’ll use OSC, but like i said i don’t know what would be the purpose of OSC in that place.[/quote:2516cba3]

Support for the open sound control, allows to use CTRLR, to realize the control application for a possible DIY Hardware Design, for example a mixing control, lights DMX, etc..
bypassing some limitations imposed by the MIDI protocol.
and having both worlds available, make it unique in its kind :shock: