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Enable and Bypass are buttons, the parameters are mostly sliders except for a couple combo boxes. None of these get updated. There’s 5 different effects to select from on effects unit 1. The FX Type value (byte 128) determins which effect is enabled. 0 value is bypass, 1 Chorus, 2 Flanger, etc

I can see that FX Type value is correct, so based on that, the If / Elseif statements determine which of the effects gets it’s modulator’s updated. I can also see that I’m getting the right value for the first parameter (effect1Param1), but for some reason when telling it to update the appropriate modulator, like :

elseif fx1type == 1 then
panel:getModulatorByName("Chorus 1 Speed"):setModulatorValue(effect1Param1, false, true, true)

it doesnt’ get updated. And I don’t get an error either indicating I spelled or named somethign wrong, or put in the some wrong syntax.