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Filch, I just thought of one issue with MidiOx that might be a problem in your Blofeld script. A MWXT patch dump sysex string is a little over 256 bytes long (265 or something like that), however, Midiox seems to capture only the first 256 bytes of the dump while the rest vanishes into the digital abyss. For the MWXT it is not a problem, since the last bytes in the dump are patch name information bytes that are just not captured. No functional problem.

For the Blofeld, since it has many more parameters, this could be a problem. You can check whether the problem occurs by deleting the apostrophe in line 21 before "MsgBox strSysEx". What now happens is that after each dump, a screen messagebox is shown by Midiox with the captured sysex string. You can check this output with regard to length of message, whether it ends with F7, etc.

I suspect this will be an issue for you. In the midiox help file, two approaches are described to capture long sysex strings and it is also mentioned that you could capture the rest of the string in a second variable or call of the routine, but I could not figure out how to yet (and it wasn’t a real issue for me so I didn’t try that hard). You probably should look into this… let me know if I can help.