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"Filch":2q6cjebu wrote:
Is the reason you’re parsing the sysex strings into 10 byte message chunks is because CTRLR chokes on anything bigger, or because the microwaveXT hardware chokes if it gets bigger chunks too fast?

The reason is that these 10 byte sysex messages can be assigned to CTRLR knobs, which are then able to receive input from a patchdump via the parsed messages and able to send the same 10 byte messages once you start tweaking the patch via CTRLR. This is the only way (with my still limited CTRLR knowledge) that I know how to be able to update a CTRLR panel with settings from a patch on the synth AND after that being able to tweak the patch from the CTRLR panel.
I understood from atom that in the not-so-far-away future CTRLR will get the functionality to do this within CTRLR (parsing a patchdump and updating controls with the info), but afaik CTRLR now only handles short sysex strings.