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coming soon .. tests are running <img loading=” title=”Smile” />

-update to version 2.0
-supports upload of wave tables
– create own wave tables based on
–8 sin osc additive
–band limited saw square tri ( band limitation can be configured on the fly , gibbes factor adjustment )
–load raw pcm format to load any kind of wt
–crossfade between own generated and loaded
–quick preview ( during creation by sending on the fly sysex )

-store in slot 0-7 of shruthi
-morph between slots from 0-7
-send all slots to shruthi
-load and save sysex wt’s

-wt’s can also (optinal) stored to the sound patch stots 1-6
-wt’s full recover on save load of daw project or offline online in an project

and it looks like: