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so almost finished with some additional functions , before i upload it to db please download and try it
maybe we will find some bugs <img loading=” title=”Smile” />… and i wait for answer from muksys if i should replace the current panel or upload it as a new one

My config is:
-win7 reaper 32 latest version
-CTRL 5.0.1 revision 925 branch nighly
( i know the panel will NOT WORK with versions bellow 925 because 925 or higher HAS A multithread issue FIX with receiving midi events calling script and update modulators )
-Shruthi SMR-4 FW 0.94 ( i think 095 will also working but there are some parameters missing <img loading=” title=”Smile” /> … need to update my synth <img loading=” title=”Smile” />

-i use it as vst in my daw
-with disabled midi in/out device in the DAW
-and selected/enabled midi in/out devices in CTRL
-and selected midi in / out in the panel
-and midi thru enabled in the panel
-and mdi receive from vst enabled in the panel
-!!!!and Shruthi set to Midi out Ctr!!!! … DONT try midi thru on shruthi …..just if u like a midi loop..and endless data exchange <img loading=” title=”Smile” />

Whats new :
-panic button stop all notes
-new button receive updates the panel with the patch from the synthi
-send a sysex dump to shruthi … sometimes its necessary because shruthi did not react so fast on all events .. and therefore we send a sysexdump
-6 storages to save/recall a patch in the panel
-morph between stored patch 1 – 2 with or without mod matrix included
-on startup i send a sysex for the sound patch and 10 sequencer settings via nprn .. so that all is recovering right
after recalling of a daw project or offline online handling to use more instances in a track (i hope )

-color changes … gray is dor sound patch parameters
-black is not included in an sound patch (vol modwheel,sequencersettings)

give it a try and report some errors … i will fix it
but for now i need a break …this week was a cool week <img loading=” title=”Smile” />
received shruthi on fr 16:30 build it until 7 next morning … some sleep .. wakeup test it .. try the editor … fix the editor after >8 hours work every day until 2 in the morning
but if i started once i never give up until i’m finished <img loading=” title=”Smile” />