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I’d just like an editor for now. I actually posted the cc list in the thread Filch linked. There are plenty of things I can control already. It’s more stuff like lfo targets and a few other things which can only be done with sysex that I’m trying to figure out.

"Filch":1yp3q5s1 wrote:
I’m guessing that’s you turning the knob up by 1 each time.[/quote:1yp3q5s1]

Correct <img loading=” title=”Smile” />

Would it be possible for ctrlr to have some kind of learn function? i.e. Select a control in ctrlr, and with the correct midi in port selected, tweak the control on the synth to assign it. (maybe even sounddiver/midiquest routed in with midiyoke?)

Could it be possible for ctrlr to decode sysex?