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"Sound tower are releasing a VST but god knows how much it will cost."

It’s been released. If I remember correctly, it was $50. Demo is available, with some limitations.

Tested it, and it kinda works, but I do have some issues;

I can send midi-notes from the plugin and get audio out of the tetra. Also, for combos, changes made to tempo in my host (FL Studio) will alter the tempo of the combo being played. Thus, some midi is going back and forth. If I tweak a potmeter on the tetra itself, like the filter cutoff, I can see the equivalent pot in the plugin moving. However, I am not able to send that kind of parameter-info to my tetra. That is, when tweaking the pot in the plug nothing happens.

As far as I can see, my tetra is set to receive all midi-messages, so I am not sure why this wont work. I’ve had similar problems when trying the standalone (outdated) tetra-controller that atom made (thanks for all your work, Atom!!). It might be an error on my part, i.e. some global paramter being set wrong or something like that. Hence, I am posting here, since I guess a lot of you have tested various set-ups and so on with the tetra. Hope you don’t mind, Atom (?)

My setup:
Tetra <– USB –> Computer
Firebox soundcard midi out <– –> Tetra midi in (I did this so that I could use the midi out on the soundcard to send midi msgs to tetra, while at the same time being able to use my midi keyboard to play other vst’s in my host.)

Any help or suggestions is very much appreciated, thanks!