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Just thought I’d update a bit on the Soundtower vst.

I updated my tetra to os 1.5 and voice 1.2 and got the vst working.
I’m assuming the update will improve performance for the ctrlr-panel as well – will test and update asap.

Some points about the soundtower-vst (I’ve only used the demo, so bear that in mind). I use FL studio as my DAW.

* Automation and parameter tweaking in real-time works for the parameters available in the demo version. Just couple of parameters are tweakable in the demo version though, but it works.

* As far as I can see, FL studio is NOT able to recall which patch I was using when I saved the projects in FL. If i save a projects using a patch and switch to a different patch and re-open my project the original/saved patch is not loaded. Bummer.

* Also, if i change some parameter in a pre-defined tetra-patch, like OSC1-frequency and then save the project, switch to a different patch and back again (restore default parameter settings for the patch) and then open the project again, the changes I made to osc1-freq are NOT loaded. Looks like FL is not able to save the parameter-settings for the vst.

Both points above may be a demo limitation. Either way, bummer.

* Another point, or annoyance, is the "help"-file that soundtower provides. Check this out, from the "manual":

[quote:34htrdsm]"Click the PREFS button at the top of the Editor window. This opens a window to allow you control how parameter changes to and from the Tetra PlugSE communicates with your host DAW and the Tetra. A Default Settings is provided in the lower left corner and a Cancel and OK button in the
lower right corner. "Host" refers to the workstation that his running the plug in (Cubase, Nuendo, Digital Performer,Ableton etc.) You may have to experiment with the
various options to get the results you require." [/quote:34htrdsm]

Now, there are 9 different options to toggle (they are not mutually exclusive) – which, according to my math, is something like 362,880 possible configurations.
Yeah. I guess I "may have to experiment" a "bit", yeah. That said, I left everything on, and was able to send parameter tweaks and automation to my tetra.

* Apparently, based on what I’ve read on other forums, there are sync-isses for LFO (DAW to Tetra via vst). Also, if you close the vst-window, apparently no midi is sent to the tetra.

Given these issues, I am not going to buy the vst any time soon.

I’ll give wrens panel a go using ctrlr and see how that works out now that I’ve updated my tetra.

Again, I hope you don’t mind me posting this here, Atom. I just thought other tetra-users might be interested in what the soundtower-plug can do and not do. As you can see, it seems to be buggy as hell, and the ctrlr-panel seems to be a much better option.