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"atom":damf92p7 wrote:
what is the error, the debug icon is a bit weird it should work but i saw it behaving weird (this icon creates a new LUA context and tries to run everything in that). It should give a bit more info on what’s happening, do you have the assignValues() methods defined too ?[/quote:damf92p7]

the error I get from the snipit I pasted above is the same error I get when testing your midiMessageRecieved script on your "DEMO – Midi" panel – "CALL FUNCTION EXCEPTION: lua runtime error"

I do have the assignValues() methods… a good number of them, almost one for every knob on my panel.. they do pass values to the knobs and it’s mostly working but I noticed this error when testing so i took out the assignValues() to test and identify where the error was coming from… it seems to be coming from what I pasted above, which again is the same error I get from your panel.. I guess I’ll ignore it, just annoying that there isn’t more info than that and it seems this button isn’t to be relied on for testing scripts. hmmm. I’ll come back to it.. I’m winding down my work on this panel till I come back to earth in a few weeks <img loading=” title=”Smile” />

thanks atom for all your work on this and helping out.

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