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as for the complexity of the task…

well it’s not simple but it’s the creators job to figure out a way to make it simple. The perfect way would be for the manufacturer to supply XML documents for their devices in a well formatted standard way. A XML that describes all the parameters their min max values their types, the sysex dump format and all the MIDI stuff that happens, instead each manufacturer provides a different document for that. Each document is written in a different way, there is no standard, so it’s your job to translate that document to some language that Ctrlr will understand.

I gave an example that shows ONLY how to interact with the elements in the panel, how you will interact with the document that describes the sysex format is up to you. If you have some text representation of the format you can paste the whole thing and just parse it on the fly, you can design your panel in a way that will make this interaction easier.

In the end you need to figure out a way to get the information from the manufacturer docs into Ctrlr so that writing your LUA script will be easy.