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I’ve been updating the script from the Midi Example to update the Blofeld. I’ve not yet gotten it to work, so I’ve started troubleshooting. I’ve eliminated all the code except for the midiMessageReceived function. I’m going to work my way down from there making sure each part works.
The code works as expected when dumping the program data from my Mopho as you’ve designed. I attempt to do the same thing for the Blofeld dump (changing the expected midi message size for program dump) and I get nothing.

So I’ve made the midiMessageReceived REALLY simple , to just show me what the value of the getSize was to the LUA console, to make sure I have my message size right. And I can’t get it to work. This is bad news if I’m starting to hit road blocks at this juncture :-p.

midiMessageReceived = function(midiMessage)

console("I saw some midi")
s = midiMessage:getSize()
console("I got the size of the message, here it is :")

I get an error here. I see in the console everything up to "here it is : " but no value of in the console of the getSize variable. What OBVIOUS thing am I missing here. :roll:

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