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"msepsis":8lrku81t wrote:
Thank you Atom.
Yes I can confirm also that my panel works in this regard (receiving a sysex dump and passing values to the knobs) as well besides the error given from the debugger. I only am passing cc values so far… obviously wanted confirmation that the debugger is complaining about something benign before moving on… I do have some down time before all the excitement and haven’t been able to pull myself away completely just yet <img loading=” title=”Smile” />

I have a line for every cc value that looks like:

panel:getModulatorByName("filter1EnvVel"):setModulatorValue(unpackedData:getByte(53), false, true, true)

So how would one go about scripting a setModulatorValue for a modulator which is receiving sysex param changes like:
f0 3e 0e 00 20 00 01 01 xx f7

exactly the same way, it doesn’t matter what midi type is the modulator, you give it a value (a numeric value) and the MIDI message that is linked to it is updated (think of LUA as a artifical intelligence that moves your knobs and pushes your buttons)