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Hi jdieks,
yes actually the sounddiver uwave application was the first place I went last night while investigating, apparently my license isn’t working any more which I’ve pinged soundtower about.. I just recently built a new windows box so lots of stuff needs to be re-installed.

I did some digging in the manual and yes it should be possible… but it needs to be done in a usable way.
It will be tricky to do but there are the following types of sysex requests that deal with sending/receiving the WaveTable information:

Wave Request (02h)
Wave Dump (12h)
Wave Control Table Request (03h)
Wave Control Table Dump (13h)

Once I get my uwave license deal squared away I’ll spend more time analyzing their approach at dealing with this more. I’ve used uwave a bit but it’s been a while since I’ve spent any time using it.

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