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The text in the monitor issue maybe can be fixed if i make it use a different font.

The combo/font issue when dragging is unknown to me i’ll have to look into that.

Values in popups, only on MAC only in VST ? or both standalone and VST ?

The PopupMenu font size issue is not something i can fix anytime soon, since Jules does not want to fix that changing that class ia a lot of work (window placement, OS specific handler etc.)

I thought i fixed that in the latest versions, i’ll need to re-enter that domain again. The name reported is hard coded when using Juce, i changed a few lines in the Juce library to have that name reported dynamicly BUT that does not affect some hosts, some just use some other places to get that name from (for AU builds this name is embedded in a special binary fialy that’s shipped with the AU, it’s not even a XML file i could edit on export)