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OK, I think that the problem is that I cannot put a string into at MIDI message. Is that correct?

So in this instance I have to get the Sysex data into a memory block and compile the information there?

I have looked through several examples in other panels but cannot decipher the mechanics of what is happening as they are very complex methods. Way beyond what I am currently capable of.

Should I be trying something like the following?

Write your values to a Lua table that’s indexed with numbers, like so

myTable = {}
myTable[1] = panel:getModulatorByName("w00f"):getValue()
myTable[2] = panel:getModulatorByName("w00f"):getValue()
myTable[3] = panel:getModulatorByName("w00f"):getValue()
myTable[4] = panel:getModulatorByName("w00f"):getValue()

then convert that table to a MemoryBlock

mb = MemoryBlock (myTable)

and write that to a file, do this in reverse to get the values.

To convert a MemoryBlock to a hex string use toHexString(1) method (the 1 as the parameter is the grouping parameter for output)

a MemoryBlock can be constructed from a hex string ex:

mb = MemoryBlock ("f0 f1 f2 f3 f7")
console (mb:toHexString(1))

Here is some noise I organised into an acceptable format: