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Yes seems we arrived at about the same place.

I also managed to get control of of the front panel button and sliders via Ctrlr, which is a very positive step. But, I also got stuck at doing program dumps from the synth to the computer so the idea of a full voice editor seems like a no go.

I also happen to have an EK22 and I have the same editor you do probably – from jeanjeanmusic done in max? I find it really useful.

I have the english 22 manual, and a german 44 manual which I had to put through google translate and the results arent pretty! I also have the original schematics on paper for the EK22 and ER44.

Looking at the sysex spec for both the EK22 and the ER44 they both follow very similar design. I can successfully trigger the ‘Sound parameter dump-request’ in the EK22 from Ctrlr, but the ER44 doesn’t respond. The only difference between the command for ‘Sound parameter dump-request’ for the two synths appears to be one value which is the synth id value.

For the EK/EM22 the ‘Sound parameter dump-request’ is 0f0 02f 050 006 000 0f7 .
For the ER/EK/EM44 I believe it should be 0f0 02f 050 009 000 0f7 , but it doesn’t work.

However the ER/EK/EM44 also has an extra dump request that the 22 doesn’t have called ‘Function parameter dump-request’ and this does work – 0f0 02f 030 009 000 0f7.

So, I’m thinking there is either something broken in the OS for the 44 thats stops the ‘Sound parameter dump-request’ from working or the ER/EK/EM44 sysex spec documentation is wrong somehow.

I’m wondering is it really possible the synth OS could be broken in this way? Seems like voice dumping is such a basic function it would surely be tested and used in development?

Maybe if someone more experienced could look at the sysex spec they might detect the problem and possible solution, but I can’t see it.

Not sure what else to try 🙁