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Also some of the combobox bytes are expressed like this:
Byte (20) DCO1 Wave/Range, Data Type 0000yyxx, xx =DCO 1 Range 00=16′ 01=8’10=4′ yy =DCO 1 Wave 00=Saw 01=Pulse 10=Square
Wave and range being two separate comboboxes, I guess that the bits have to be assigned individually?

Ok now after helping you with assigning values from program dumps I’m actually a little stumped here myself with understanding the most efficient way, given the same data expression as lfo2vco stated above I’m stuck with how to send values from the PANEL to the synth..

So, taking the same example:
if yy = DCO 1 Wave
and xx = DCO 1 Range

what do you give your DCO 1 Wave and DCO 1 Range knob/combobox to send the data? I’m imagining you need to do it with lua, both modulators get the same script – Script must involve getting the current values of both DCO 1 Wave and Range, putting them together then sending out the combined values from bin to hex in the defined sysex formula for those combined values. I can visualize what needs to happen but I need a nudge or an example so I know how to express this correctly and efficiently.

I checked out the Juno 106 (i used to own a 6, loved that thing) panel but only saw two scripts that were not involved at all in any way.

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