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The microwave XT and microwave 1 synths are two different synths. I’ve created two different ctrlr based editors for both synths, but both synths treat waveforms and wavetables very similarly.

So I have two different bpanelz files with very similar functionality and code base for their waveform/wavetable editors, everything else is very different but the waveform and wavetable editing functionality is identical.

What I’d like to do is put all the waveform/wavetable editing stuff into one panel that can then be referenced and used by both the microwave1 and microwaveII/XT editors I’ve created. This way if I have added functionality for the waveform and wavetable editor of the microwaveXT editor I don’t need to recreate everything in my microwave1 editor.

Does this make more sense? Now that I’m ALSO making a blofeld editor which has *some* carryover from the microwave I and microwave II/XT synths i’d need to triple my workload if I add anything to the wavetable editor. I’d love to be able to develop wavetable/form functionality in ONE panel that’s referenced by the microwave 1, microwave 2/xt AND blofeld editor.

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