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excellent news. Really the only current issues I’ve noticed with the current revs besides the stuff that is unfinished is txt labels vanishing when drag+selecting selecting multiple knobs/sliders.. Intermitent issue where the txt scale value jumps to 0. Can be fixed by doing the same thing that breaks it sometimes, or just changing the scale value back to 0. Sometimes the font changes to a diff font depending on what is being group selected… but it’s a relatively minor quirk.

Thank you so much for leaving us with a equiv mac/win/linux rev before you took off – that made for a lot of productivity on my end at least!

Very anxious for the program manager and the ability to export linux instances. (VST and stand alone) Not many users using linux to control there synths but I am one of them and they do exist – still we’re used to being patient for support 🙂

btw no such thing as “overdue” – no obligations here atom — dont put that kind of pressure on yourself! Still very anxious for the updates but no pressure. do it right, no need to rush it out.

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