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Yes that would work. But it may need a few words to as much as short paragraph describing what the component does. I’m building a panel for a digital mixer that has hundreds of buttons. sliders, list
components. Most people don’t read the manuals. And I didn’t know the power of a digital mix until
I started to build this panel . Example: Solo Mode uiCombo has 4 possibilities PreEQ,PstEQ.,AFL,Inplace
If I Could say, press the (I) key and mouse over the component, Little Window or Bubble pops-up with Info
text or even a image. If you could expand the uiCombo component so the Combo content
list could have a bubble or txt window that opens for every item in the list. Say Solo Mode
then a place to describe what goes in the popup window or bubble . like you say bubble help.
I think it would be a very cool feature. Really that would be usefull feature for most of the Componets.