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anyway, can we start with the identity request. In the Ctrlr menu Programs->Request identity, and see what will the device respond with (if at all, if it’s not compliant with the MIDI specs you’ll just see some data in the MIDI monitor).

Anyway save the data in the MIDI monitor and let me see that.

The manual online (both of them) is broken, that is the new lines in SysEx messages make it impossible to decipher what byte is at what position. This is the identity response, i really don’t know how to read this. If you can supply the identity response i can try to decipher it looking at the actual response.

                F0H 7EH  06H 02H   

                     =Transmitting device's Basic Channel
                      =10H (Oberheim)
                   =6H  (Matrix-6/6R/1000
                  =2H  (Matrix-1000)
                    =Four ASCII Characters of the version number, right
                            E.g., version 1.10 is represented by:

Also the update matrix panel is in the repository (i saved is as .panelz to save space). It will work with the latest nightly (there was a bug with global variables that’s now fixed, but the panel had to be updated to reflect the fix).

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