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OK, so I got the Popup Menu working and doing what I want. So now I am thinking of expanding the options available on the Popup Menu, but there is already a lot of script to perform the single function it currently has. I think if I add more it will be totally confusing (to me).

So the question is can I have one method for the Popup Menu, then have separate methods for the function it will call? I guess the Popup would send a result to each method on which it would act. How is this done?

I have been looking at Atom’s Dialogue Windows Demo and I can see some stuff like:
comboBox = window:getComboBoxComponent("myCombo") going on in the ‘windowCallback’ method and modalWindow:setModalHandler(windowCallback) going on in the ‘showWindowWithCombo’ method. I’m guessing that is performing the functions I would require.

Here is some noise I organised into an acceptable format: