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cool. I saw the midi tool bar in the recent nightly and really am liking what I’m seeing. I have a few questions though on this.

I know it’s not ready yet but I’m tinkering around with what’s there..
What is the difference between a “snapshot” and a “program”? I’m seeing the bank/program structure in the program manager but I don’t see where snapshots are stored/named etc. Also I’m a little confused with the implementation of the snapshot stuff in the menu.. there are snapshot “Options” under the MIDI menu, then “program snapshot” under the Programs menu. What does “Program Snapshot” mean? Is that “get snapshot”? I get what “send snapshot” is.. pretty self explainatory but what is the idea behind “snapshot on load” and “snapshot on program change”?

When I save a new program I see it saves the panel state to a “program” within a bank in the program manager. The panel I was playing around with this on is the waldorf rocket – which has NO internal ROM or RAM for storing programs. It was apparently released with the intention of also releasing a software editor… (They didn’t so I did 🙂 So my point is there are no sysex messages dealing with sending/requesting program data on this synth. I see the state of the panel saved in a program in the program manager, when I expand the parameters I do see it apparently has captured the correct cc values (everything on this synth is CC) but when I double click the program in the program manager, I get random values sent to the synth. It’s yielded in some very cool randomized programs I’ve created but I was expecting double clicking the program in the program manager would send all cc values recorded to the synth. it seems some other values are somehow getting sent.

I also am curious – for more custom data types with certain synths are we possibly going to be able to add our own custom buttons to the MIDI tool bar? I’d love to be able to put all my store/load waveform/wavetable stuff up into the MIDI tool bar. I think the only requirement would be the ability to load a custom icon, give the button an optional MIDI message type (cc/sysex, controller number, sysex formula) and a Lua hook to fire a script when the custom button is pressed. I suppose anything could be done with the Lua hook but for simple cc messages like “panic” or “reset all controllers” it would be nice to just assign the CC value/sysex formula instead code up a script.

I’m more than happy to help you test functionality of the program manager and snapshots.. frankly I don’t see the point of “snapshots” if you can store and send “programs”.. unless there is some compelling difference between the two. I think the waldorf rocket would be a good test candidate for this functionality since the synth is so dumb simple… let me know how I can help!

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