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The program snapshot features should work. There are 2 one in the Program menu and one in the MIDI menu

the first saves the panel state (all the sliders positions, combos buttons etc.) to a “program” and puts it in a special “Snapshots” folder in the MIDI Library (Panel->Program manager, btw. i’ll change that name to MIDI LIbrary so there is no more confusion).

You can double click any snapshot in the program manager and it should restore that panel state to the current panel. What should be working is a trigger for the second type of snapshot (described below) to be sent after a double click but it won’t work since i forgot to add it in the latest nightly (it’s fixed now and will be available as an option in the next build)

The second snapshot option from the MIDI menu is a feature that sends all values to the edvice via midi, it takes all the slider, combos, button values and their configured MIDI messages and sends them one by one in a “snapshot” manner.