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A lot has changed, so there might be a million ways this could be affecting your code.

I’m not saying your code is bad i’m saying i can’t read it, that just says something about me not your code.

I can quickly tell you that i saw in one of the closed tabs a lot of startTimer() calls, waaaaaay too many (i see no situation where even the most complicated panel would use more then 3 timers). Have a look at this timer code if you are not falling into an issue there.

Trace the message that gets sent (the sysex repeated in the logs), see where in lua you are sending it, either by setting a modulator value or directly sending it using panel:sendMidi(). Once you catch that, try to trace back what methods call this method (it’s all like a chain).

Also add some console() debugging stuff, at the start of every method try to do console(“method BLAH start”) (replace BLAH with the name of the method), try to see what gets called right before the bad stuff happens.