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Hello Atom ,
Just tried the 1577 rev !
You have repair the checksum

But the loopback/crash continues when Ctrlr receives dump
Again at FX1 dump….I explain : dumps are a sequence with RackAttack and crash at fx1
i don’t see anything in LUA editor

During the dumps there is an “animation” : the edit 1 button is hidden just time to
get sound dump and it is shown then edit 2 button is hidden …. etc
the sound layers are switching too and after fx’s dump return to initial layer whatever it is.
At the FX steps the “FX1 Type” combo is hidden and shown as edit buttons do etc..

The crash happened exactly when the FX1 must re-appear and it do not
then ctrlr saturate the device with midi messages an crash when i try to stop it

Some time ago this crash has definitively killed ctrlr x64 standalone i use other versions : vst & 32 bit i think i must re install the Windows but don’t want

I really don’t know what i can do