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Thanks to your panel I managed to move leaps forward in very little time. I mostly spent my evening assigning Sysex to the proper ui element. That proved to be fairly easy, and I have one partial down, and most of the common features.
I had decided to focus on the first partial, as once that is done, it should be a matter of copy pasting it and changing the Sysex values, but it seems copying the envelopes doesn’t work for some reason.
Also, I get some very inconsistent rendering when opening the panel in the AU plugin. Some knobs are way off their position and some uiList elements simply don’t show…
I’m not sure i understand properly how you made the tabbed panel. I was hoping maybe it would be possible to avoid having tabs and access all the envelopes and partials in one interface.
Anyways, thanks again for your help. It seems it’s getting there finally 🙂

Curious to hear your thoughts about the issues i’m encountering.