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Thanks for the explanations.
It indeed seems like i very much messed up your panel with copy pasting some elements. It’s a bit tricky to copy whole tabs/groups without CTRLR going out of control. I had it crashing several times, and despite me starting over this evening, it seems the panel I built is completely corrupted and crashes CTRLR every time T_T
It did help me to get to know the Modulator List.
I’m not sure I understood why you built a custom Envelope with Lua when you could have used the CTRLR ones. Any particular reason for that?

I agree with your remarks about the real-time editing. However, I was hoping to build the layout so that you can get an overview of all 4 Tones at all times. If that wasn’t feasible, I am aiming to make it so that you can at least get an overview of the WG, TVF and TVA envelopes and controls in one tab. I quite like to see in one place what is happening with a patch 🙂
That’s what i was trying to build this evening. But after I had finally extracted the different envelopes and controls and cleaned up what needed cleaning from the Modulator List, I can’t open the file no more…

I’ll attach it here in case you can open it. Else, I almost feel like it’ll be easier to start from scratch. There’s much to learn from the D20 Panel, so it might not be as daunting as it seems at first.

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