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Hello MacroDX,

Here’s the info i’ve managed to gather from my synth. I wasn’t too sure of what you meant by RxChannel and DeviceID, as I could not find anywhere on the D50 to set them. Nor could I find anything relevant in the manual. At least to my knowledge… If you can point me in a direction on how to get this data, i will gladly oblige.
Currently, I having all my synths plugged to a ESI Miditerminal M8U. I’m already using CTRLR to control my uWaveXT and my Matrix 1000 with it with no problem whatsoever.

Here’s the data:

On the D50 in the MIDI section I have:

  • MIDI CH : 01
    Control : B-CH
    SepCH : 01
    Omni : ON
    Local : ON
    After : ON
    Bender : ON
    Mod : ON
    Volume : ON
    Hold : ON
    Porta : ON
    Prog C. : ON
    Exclu : ON
  • Here’s what I get when I press a note:
    RAW:[90 65 48]
    RAW:[90 65 00]
    RAW:[b0 7b 00]

    and a pitch bend:
    RAW:[e0 63 46]
    RAW:[e0 61 42]
    RAW:[e0 00 41]
    RAW:[e0 00 40]