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I would like to have another units !!

I have already an issue with Ctrlr , a channelize problem :
when the vp sends b0 10 xx my two mods (b0 10 xx and b1 10 xx) receive the data in same time and move together and after they send only b0 10 xx ! I must re-assign the midi ch to second knob

same thing in the other way : I send b0 10 xx and b1 10 xx and the vp receives for all virtual knobs
when the vp sends b1 ,after the ctrlr knobs sends all b1
when the vp sends b2 ,after the ctrlr knobs sends all b2 etc..
but in the property knob editor the midi channel stays unchanged
the vp sends at different chnels b0 b1 b2…. one channel for each of six parts it
transmit normally but like ctrlr it seems don’t take care of midi channel when it receives
ctrlr knob prop has “midi override chnl “option and it is set to off
or may be the “running status” of the vp causes ctrlr change midi chnl prop of mods ??

Any idea ?

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