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Hi there. I am unable to get the Six Trak Editor file to open. Iā€™m uncertain as to how to implement or use it, really. I am used to loading .vst or .component files into my DAW. The .bpanelz file has totally thrown me for a loop. Is there a particular program I should be using to open this? Does the editor work for Macs?

Hey synthexplorer, at the top of this page select Downloads > Ctrlr. This will take you to the latest nightly builds of the Ctrlr app. Download the latest version for Mac, inside will be a standaload app, a vst and a component. Load the vst into Albleton and then open the .bpanelz into the Ctrlr vst.

Basically the vst is an interface/holder for any of the Ctrlr panels created. Hope it works out for you.

Here is some noise I organised into an acceptable format: