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Well, if you´re talking about the DW template I´ve provided then in fact there are no modulators for that. The sliders are only connected to the D-20 Envelope. But here´s how that works:
The class CEnvelopeList is initialized in panelLoaded(), collects all modulators with modulatorCustomNameGroup == “DXDynamicEnvelope” and stores them in a table as CEnvelope objects with their modulator name as the key. Sliders or other modulators are connected in two ways: Each modulator that has modulatorCustomNameGroup == [modulatorName of the envelope] will be regarded as linked to that envelope. (Check the sliders in the demo, they are all linked to the D-20 env). Now each of these modulators is assigned distinctively to a point axis in the respective envelope template file by setting pt:setLinkedModulatorX/Y. You will see that in the DW template file all seLinkedMod lines are commented out…
And one more link thingy: If you connect two points using setLinkedPointY() then both will follow each other. That way you control e.g. the sustain point with the decay point and vice versae.

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