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    after updating to 1137 and having to go back and re-edit 150 components I am having a few issues.

    1. when I create a uiButton, it wont change to a different color when I click on it. The old version would change color, but did not have the "button value" text in it.
    Now it will have the "button value" text in it, but wont change color when it is a "on" value.

    Here’s the code:

    [code:34s8tyun]<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <modulator modulatorValueExpression="modulatorValue" modulatorValueExpressionReverse="midiValue"
    modulatorIsStatic="0" modulatorGlobalVariable="-1" modulatorMuteOnStart="0"
    modulatorExcludeFromSnapshot="0" modulatorLinkedToPanelProperty="– None"
    modulatorLinkedToModulatorProperty="– None" modulatorLinkedToModulator="– None"
    modulatorLinkedToModulatorSource="1" modulatorLinkedToComponent="0"
    modulatorBaseValue="0" modulatorCustomIndex="0" modulatorCustomIndexGroup="0"
    modulatorVstExported="1" luaModulatorValueChange="" modulatorMax="64"
    vstIndex="144" name="LFO1 Freerun" modulatorMin="0" modulatorValue="1">
    <midi midiMessageType="6" midiMessageChannelOverride="0" midiMessageChannel="1"
    midiMessageCtrlrNumber="1" midiMessageCtrlrValue="1" midiMessageMultiList="CC,Direct,Direct,84,66,F0 00 F7:CC,Direct,Direct,85,-1,F0 00 F7"
    midiMessageSysExFormula="F0 00 F7"/>
    <component componentLabelPosition="top" componentLabelJustification="centred"
    componentLabelHeight="15" componentLabelWidth="92" componentLabelVisible="1"
    componentLabelAlwaysOnTop="1" componentSentBack="0" componentLabelColour="ff07cee7"
    componentLabelFont="&lt;Sans-Serif&gt;;17;1;0;0;0;1" componentVisibleName="FREERUN"
    componentMouseCursor="2" componentGroupName="" componentSnapSize="8"
    componentIsLocked="0" componentRadioGroupId="0" componentRadioGroupNotifyMidi="1"
    componentVisibility="1" componentEffect="0" componentEffectRadius="0"
    componentEffectColour="0xff000000" componentEffectOffsetX="0"
    componentEffectOffsetY="0" componentExcludedFromLabelDisplay="0"
    uiButtonTrueValue="64" uiButtonFalseValue="0" uiButtonIsToggle="0"
    uiButtonColourOn="ffe00404" uiButtonColourOff="ff0a3e4d" uiButtonTextColourOn="ff000000"
    uiButtonTextColourOff="ffffffff" uiButtonContent="OFF=0&#10;ON=64"
    uiButtonConnectedLeft="0" uiButtonConnectedRight="0" uiButtonConnectedTop="0"
    uiButtonConnectedBottom="0" componentRectangle="656 0 80 40"
    componentSnapSizeAllow="0" componentEffectAlpha="0" uiType="uiButton"

    2. When I have the edit panel open, if I click on any of the parameter names (left column) this annoying HTML link activates.. causing my browser to pull up over Ctrlr and open a sourceforge web page that is completely useless.
    How can I disable all those links?? I liked the older version that allowed me to click in that area and then scroll up/down the edit panel.. now I have to use the slim slider bar on the left instead and try like hell not to activate the HTML links.

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    I see what you see w/ the uiButton.. probably just a minor bug. I’d hang in there as it’s a rather low priority issue at the moment considering the amount of higher priority work on atom’s plate. (besides him having a day job of course!)

    The hyperlinking of the property titles on the far right.. That’s gotten me a few times as well. I agree it would be kinda nice if A) we could disable those links if we wanted to and B) the links – if enabled – actually went to a contextual description of what you just clicked on.. I think that is/was the idea but the pages haven’t yet been created. Atom’s been talking of changing servers from sourceforge which is probably why those pages havent yet been built — but it again is a rather lower priority thing at the moment I’d imagine, so just hang in there.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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