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    In 1137, when I open the Lua editor after opening a panel, several scripts are always open, no matter what I left open when I closed ctrlr last, even with this panel open the last time.
    Does this mean there is some sort of phantom problem with these scripts? I’m heavily devving some aspects of this panel.. much is experimental at the moment and it seems those are the scripts that are left open.
    YET I don’t get any errors at all from ctrlr when the panel opens.. or if I do it’s not a script that’s currently open in the Lua editor when I open it initially.
    Atom, if you want an example the last panel I PM’d you is the one.
    It seems there may be a correlation with these certain scripts always being open in the Lua editor if there’s some minor issue with them as I know there are issues with all the scripts that are open.
    It could be a cool feature to exploit, or at least know about if this is the case. OR it may be completely random. ??

    Also I do have a paint script for one of my uiCustomModulators that was faulty but not reporting an error. It’s also in that last panel I PM’d you, the script in question is "paintWavetableStrip".. It errors when you don’t have the synth connected in the sense that instead of painting the uiCustomModulator, it clears the uiCustomModulator. It happens because a variable used to paint the cModulator is never set- as the panel never asks for the wavetable- as the synth is not connected. Not a big deal or a big priority but it seems this particular error is caused by a nil variable, in which case it should trigger a lua error, not just blank out the uiCustomModulator. not a big deal just reporting it mostly to help people out if they run into it.

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