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    I am trying to build Ctrlr Standalone on Mac OS X 10.10.5 using Xcode 7.2.1.

    This is what I have done:

    git clone
    cd ctrlr
    git clone JUCE
    [unzip the boost folder]

    I then open the ctrlr/Builds/Mac/Standalone/Ctrlr_Standalone.xcodeproj project in Xcode
    When I hit the play button in Xcode I get the following errors:

    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/object.hpp:980:21: Expected parameter declarator
    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/object.hpp:980:21: Expected ‘)’
    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/call_member.hpp:71:40: Expected parameter declarator
    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/call_member.hpp:71:40: Expected ‘)’
    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/call_member.hpp:233:45: Expected parameter declarator
    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/call_member.hpp:233:45: Expected ‘)’
    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/call_function.hpp:82:42: Expected parameter declarator
    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/call_function.hpp:82:42: Expected ‘)’
    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/call_function.hpp:245:47: Expected parameter declarator
    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/call_function.hpp:245:47: Expected ‘)’
    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/object.hpp:980:18: Function cannot return function type ‘void ()’
    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/call_member.hpp:71:37: Function cannot return function type ‘void ()’
    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/call_member.hpp:233:42: Function cannot return function type ‘void ()’
    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/call_function.hpp:82:39: Function cannot return function type ‘void ()’
    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/call_function.hpp:245:44: Function cannot return function type ‘void ()’

    Have I missed anything?
    Has anybody got the latest master version to build on a Mac system?


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    • ★★

    subscribing as i’d love to get my hands on a newer build too.

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    Pascalc, could you please make your copy of the source code available?
    Due to Steinberg’s copyright claim about vst, the source code is removed from github.
    Could you maybe upload somewhere and provide a link please?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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