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    I was wondering how Ctrlr buffers MIDI SysEx messages that can be processed from
    “Called when a panel receives a midi message”.

    I have noticed that, in my Korg DS-8 and 707 panels, reading the patchdump data from the synth sometimes works perfectly and sometimes it doesn’t.

    How are the incoming MIDI SysEx data buffered? How can I clean the MIDI SysEx buffer before requesting a SysEx dump, to get a cleaner and more reliable SysEx dump? How can I read and filter SysEx dumps that are constructed from more than one 0xf0…0xf7 SysEx blocks?

    I have also much trouble handling a bigger bankdump in my panel. It seems Ctrlr uses a sysex messagebuffer with a size of 256 bytes. (That’s what I see in the Midi Monitor tool) Everytime I try to catch a bankdump ( for my DS8 this is 7550 bytes ) only +/- 380 bytes are read by my Ctrlr lua code.

    Is there a way to increase the size of this Midi SysEx input buffer?

    Also: I am trying to send a 7550 bytes DataBlock via MIDI to my synth. It fails, where the smaller single patchdumps are functioning correctly.

    I guess what I need here is a way to slow down my MIDI SysEx dump and/or to split it in smaller packages with small time intervals between them?

    Any help or suggestions?
    (See my latest Korg DS-8 panel version 20150223b in the download section if you want to see the lua code I’m currently using)

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    Hrmmm I’m running into this using the Virus TI panel as well, and it only seems to be happening in Linux. The Windows and Mac version don’t appear to suffer from this. Or are panel devs supposed to reconstruct dumps > 256 bytes themselves?

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    I would like to know first if this is a temporary Linux issue before trying to adapt the panel.

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    Looks like this problem has been here for a while:

    DSI Mopho issues

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