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    What I’ve discovered is this:

    When I open Logic, with the AU Component that came with Ctrlr instralled, I have it as an option where my normal AU virtual instruments appear.

    If I select it, what I get is what is essentially an empty version of the standalone Ctrlr, that I can then work just like the standalone – I Open my panel and resize it to the screen, use Command-E to set it to operational mode, and then it works fine.

    But can the Panel from the standalone somehow be saved in a fixed state as an AU component? Something an end user could download and install on their own Mac without having to have Ctrlr?

    Does Ctrlr have some kind of “Export as AU” equivalent?

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    When you open your panel in the AU instance of Ctrlr, you can then Then go to File -> Export -> Export Restricted Instance..

    Before you do that though, make sure you add 24 pixels to the height of the panel.

    For example if your panel height is 1000, set is to 1024 and then export!

    You can then run your panel as a separate AU (same case for VST)



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