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    hi everyone,

    lazy initial question (passing thought), re: 14-bit MIDI CC protocol.

    eg: ‘combined controllers’ – you use two MIDI CC to send your higher resolution message,
    as MSB/LSB pair (‘coarse/fine’).

    you can have a look at Atom’s Synth Lite2 panel to see how this is implemented in Ctrlr,
    as a standard feature of Ctrlr. but i would like to code this in Lua. i’m a bit rusty,
    so i’m polling some advice before attacking it.

    essentially, the ‘low’/MSB CC will 0-31 ,and the ‘high’/LSB CC will be 32-63 (eg: n + 32 )

    i want to make a controller for MFB PolyLite, the ‘multi’/poly version of the SynthLite2,
    with a bit of flexibility, rather than relying on the built-in Ctrlr CC handling.

    thanks for any thought on this :tu:

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    You can do that with BigInteger getBitRangeAsInt() method:

    To convert a Multi CC message as in:


    In Lua:

    -- Called when a modulator value changes
    -- @mod
    -- @value    new numeric value of the modulator
    myMultiCC = function(mod,value,source)
    local myChannel=panel:getProperty("panelMidiOutputChannelDevice")
    local add=0xb0+(myChannel-1)
          local bv=BigInteger(value) --break the value into 4bit nibbles
          local msb=bv:getBitRangeAsInt(7,7) -- position of msb
          local lsb=bv:getBitRangeAsInt(0,7) -- position of lsb
        m = CtrlrMidiMessage({add, 23, msb}) 
        l = CtrlrMidiMessage({add, 55, lsb}) 

    Where 23 and 55 are the MSB/LSB Bank Select control numbers for adsr2Sustain uiSlider [ADSR Sustain] on that panel by Atom.

    … or alternatively you could split the value this way:

    msb=bit.rshift(value, 7), 127)


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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