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    human fly
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    please help me abbreviate this: (i’ve forgotten the other forms i’ve seen)

    function tabsToneTimb0_pt1()
    	-- This stops issues during panel bootup
    	if panel:getRestoreState() or panel:getProgramState() then return end
    --show tab
    	local tab= panel:getComponent ("tabs_toneTimbrePt1"):setPropertyInt("uiTabsCurrentTab", 0)
    	local tabLCD = 	panel:getComponent ("tabs_LCD"):setPropertyInt("uiTabsCurrentTab", 0)
    --reset background colour layer
    		tabs_Main_pt1 = panel:getComponent("tabs_Main_pt1"):setVisible(true)
    		tabs_mainB_pt1 = panel:getComponent("tabs_mainB_pt1"):setVisible(true)
    		tabsParamB_p1pt1 = panel:getComponent("tabsParamB_p1pt1"):setVisible(true)
    		tabsParamB_p2pt1 = panel:getComponent("tabsParamB_p2pt1"):setVisible(true)
    		tabsParamB_p3pt1 = panel:getComponent("tabsParamB_p3pt1"):setVisible(true)
    		tabsParamB_p4pt1 = panel:getComponent("tabsParamB_p4pt1"):setVisible(true)
    		tabs_Patch = panel:getComponent("tabs_Patch"):setVisible(false)
    	--tabs_Patch = panel:getComponent("tabs_Patch"):setProperty("componentVisibility",0, false)
    	--button led highlight
    	panel:getComponent("tabOnClick_Tone")	:setProperty("uiButtonTextColourOff","FF00FF00", false)
    	panel:getComponent("tabOnClick_Timbre")	:setProperty("uiButtonTextColourOff","FF1291DF", false)
    	panel:getComponent("tabOnClick_Patch")	:setProperty("uiButtonTextColourOff","FF1291DF", false)
    	panel:getComponent("tabOnClick_Rhythm")	:setProperty("uiButtonTextColourOff","FF1291DF", false)
    	panel:getComponent("tabOnClick_Global")	:setProperty("uiButtonTextColourOff","FF1291DF", false)

    i am declaring on panel load with a separate method, with:

    function panelModulators()
    --declare panel operation elements
    -- layer
    	layer0 = panel:getCanvas():getLayerByName("layerGrey")
    	layer1 = panel:getCanvas():getLayerByName("layerRed")
    	layer2 = panel:getCanvas():getLayerByName("layerBlue")
    	layer3 = panel:getCanvas():getLayerByName("layerGreen")
    -- tabs Parameters
    	tabs_Main_pt1 = panel:getComponent("tabs_Main_pt1")			--:setVisible(true)
    	tabs_mainB_pt1 = panel:getComponent("tabs_mainB_pt1")		--:setVisible(true)
    --tabs ParamA
    	tabsParamA_p1pt1 = panel:getComponent("tabsParamA_p1pt1")	--:setVisible(false)
    	tabsParamA_p2pt1 = panel:getComponent("tabsParamA_p2pt1")	--:setVisible(false)
    	tabsParamA_p3pt1 = panel:getComponent("tabsParamA_p3pt1")	--:setVisible(false)
    	tabsParamA_p4pt1 = panel:getComponent("tabsParamA_p4pt1")	--:setVisible(false)
    --tabs ParamB
    	tabsParamB_p1pt1 = panel:getComponent("tabsParamB_p1pt1")	--:setVisible(true)
    	tabsParamB_p2pt1 = panel:getComponent("tabsParamB_p2pt1")	--:setVisible(true)
    	tabsParamB_p3pt1 = panel:getComponent("tabsParamB_p3pt1")	--:setVisible(true)
    	tabsParamB_p4pt1 = panel:getComponent("tabsParamB_p4pt1")	--:setVisible(true)
    human fly
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    i tried to do this but it fails at the 1st item. it should be
    declared with the load method. or does it have to be declared

    	tabs_Main_pt1:		getComponent():setVisible(true)
    	tabs_mainB_pt1:		getComponent():setVisible(true)
    	tabsParamB_p1pt1:	getComponent():setVisible(true)
    	tabsParamB_p2pt1:	getComponent():setVisible(true)
    	tabsParamB_p3pt1:	getComponent():setVisible(true)
    	tabsParamB_p4pt1:	getComponent():setVisible(true)

    i was hoping to reduce code, and only declare once. what would be the
    correct way to do this?

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    Maybe try to remove getComponent() from the second set of commands, as you’ve already wrapped that into the variable.

    ie first line should be


    The Puppeteer

    human fly
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    just tried that now, didn’t like it

    At line [13]: [string "tabsToneTimb0_pt1"]
    Error message: [string "tabsToneTimb0_pt1"]:13: attempt to index global 'tabs_Main_pt1' (a nil value)

    strange. could it be because it’s declared as getComponent, and not
    getModulatorByName? even tried:
    tabs_Main_pt1 = panel:getModulatorByName():getComponent("tabs_Main_pt1")

    >definitely didn’t like that: this crashes the panelLoaded method that
    calls the ‘panelModulators’ method.

    >strange: where i have things declared as getModulatorByName, this type
    of call works fine. maybe getComponent is no good for startup declaration?
    – – – –
    as a side-note, what i would like to do here ultimately is combine 5 methods
    into one. i have 5 buttons, and each has a method that 1/sets a tab view, 2/
    changes the button text colour 3/sets another tab view, (etc. if i want more
    stuff to happen)

    these are ‘old’ methods in my panel, with everything declared there.
    although i have a separate ‘panel modulators’ (as opposed to ‘parameter
    modulators’, separate startup declaration method, just to keep things
    readable) it wasn’t/isn’t doing anything, apparently.

    not sure if startup declaration NEEDS to be getModulatorByName,
    rather than just getComponent ? > doesn’t seem to change it anyway.

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    Declaring your variables separately works fine.

    varMod = panel:getModulatorByName(“my_button”) makes varMod representing a modulator.
    You can verify this by typing what(varMod) in the console
    varComp = panel:getModulatorByName(“my_button”):getComponent() makes varComp representing the compoonent within the my_button modulator.
    You can verify this by typing what(varComp) in the console
    It is the equivalent of varComp = varMod:getComponent()

    It is no problem to have several methods into one…
    The OnChange methods have “mod” as variable and this represents the modulator that produced the changes.
    You can track its name or other property then based on if…elseif… statements perform the operation you want.

    I noticed there are issues with SetVisible so you need to handle this differently.

    human fly
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    yes, i have had no problem declaring methods separately elsewhere.
    i will try again later.

    (i’ll start another topic for the buttons)

    human fly
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    suddenly found out one of my pre-declaration no longer works,
    for some reason. checked thoroughly, went back looking at a
    couple of versions to find the last good one, – and that bit
    was no different, except it just didn’t work anymore.

    so i had to put it declared again within the method where it
    was working anymore in the shorter form that previously worked.

    at least i was able to fix it – but i didn’t find out what had
    changed. very strange.

    i also find i have problems with some start methods not doing
    their thing when it’s drafted as an exe. not sure what’s happening
    there, when it works with the panel.

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