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    I’m using the panel for A Dave Smith Pro 2 and I can’t seem to make it all work after setting up communication with synth.

    Primarily the Patch Library. I’m unable to load banks of patches in the Source/Destination boxes (left or right click doesn’t bring up a context menu), and therefore am unable to send banks/.sysex files To the keyboard.

    Drag and drop doesn’t do the trick either if that’s even a capability.

    The only way I can pull banks into the User banks in the panel is to send them from the synth using the process function.

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    Hi, I made that panel 😉
    Did you look at the manual?
    There are no context menus neither drag and drop functionality…

    What is your starting situation? Do you have a bank file on your disk? If not use F5 or F8 that I provide.
    Go to the Program Library tab
    Click on Disk1 or Disk 2 label on top of the banks. This is selecting the bank you are acting on
    In the bank action pulldown, select load from Disk then press the proceed button
    The bank is loaded and yo can see the presets
    If you left click on a preset it is going to the blue source text box
    If you right click on a preset it is going to the purple destination text box
    Then use the Program actions pulldown to select an action
    The press the Program proceed button.

    Let me know if this put you on the way. If not, please explain further what you are after and what is not working. I’ll do it here with my Pro-2 😉

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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