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    Hi all,

    Im trying to build a Panel for the Emu E4XT-ultra. OSv4.70.

    I started with Cntrl and an EOS demo Panel by Hecticcc v1.2.6, but I’ve discovered the Remote Preset Editing via MIDI SysEx documentation and it seems that i can do everything via SysEx, however, i cannot manage to successfully control any of the parameters.

    I have double/tripple checked my SysEx formula (F0 18 21 00 55 01 02 6E 00 XX 00 6B F7) which should change the LF02 Rate. But it does not.

    Is there anything else in the settings that needs to be changed in order for it to respond?

    Sorry if this has been answered before, if you could please point me to any Info.
    Thanks all!

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    doesn’t ‘xx’ needs to be lower case?
    also, it looks like it’s in a strange position.
    it normally comes just before F7 or just before
    that if there’s a checksum, but i don’t know the
    e-mu sysex format. can you show us something from
    the manual?
    (and have you checked sysex receive is enabled?)

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    Yes i did try lowercase “xx” but no difference.

    The documentation is @ http://www.deepsonic.ch/deep/docs_manuals/e-mu_eos_remote_sysex.pdf
    Page13 contains the LFO2 info

    Going by this.

    -F0h = sysex message 
    -18h = EMU ID 
    -21h = E4 ID
    -ddh = Device ID
    -55h = Special Editor designator byte
    -01h = Command:Parameter Value Edit
    -02h = Byte count(number of Byte pairs)
    -{xxh,xxh} = Parameter ID;LSB first=(46,00)
    -{yyh,yyh} = Parameter Data=(XX,00)
    <Checksum> = 6B
    F7h = EOX
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    You’re partly right, it was the Uppercase “XX” (even tho i tried it before) and i also have the E4 MIDI ID=01 instead of the “00” i was calling.

    Love it! im ecstatic!
    Thanks for your help!!!

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    did you end up taking Hecticcc’s work any further? i’m looking for the best DAW controller for my souped up e5000 ultra & feel i’m getting close here with ctrlr… just looking for the latest person with the most stable panel.

    also wouldn’t mind advice on the best product for mac(or pc if necessary) even if it’s standalone & not able to be used as a daw plugin.


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