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    Hi guys posting here as somebody was recently talking about building a panel for the Ensoniq Fizmo, then ran into the brick wall of no information.

    I’ve recently got one and i’ve been exploring how to work with it. There’s a full post I’ve made up at Vintage Synth with links to info but just to sum up:

    yes very like MR-10
    don’t need to decode massive patch dump, param changes are sent individually by 30 ish byte sysex
    to make it work we just need to encode values from 4 8-bit bytes into 5 7-bit sysex bytes with a bit of simple rolling and packing.

    I’m still exploring and will be updating the docs and spreadsheet online, but there’s enough there to get most of a copy of the oscillator panel from sound diver cloned right now.

    ask me anything you need, but I might not have the answers…yet 🙂

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    I know it’s been 2 years since this was posted. Just curious if you ever got anywhere with a panel for the Fizmo?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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