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    Hi I have been looking around this forum for some information about how to get the current patch settings, specifically with the PG-300.  I see people saying you need to use LUA, but it is a little vague.  Can some one point me in the direction to learn how to do this, or at least a starting point.  Thanks.

    Ctrlr is great by the way great job Atom!

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    Hey Bomma,

    Receive MidiMessage in a modulator function Lua script?

    I know there’s another rather recent thread somewhere that I talked another user through this step by step, explaining ( i think very clearly) how this works.

    Can’t find it at the moment as the search tool doesn’t seem to work here but if i find the other thread I’ll follow up here.

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    I just added also an explanation on this forum about how to use Ctrlr and Lua with a simple example. I am also a beginner so I thought it would be useful. But all honours go to msepsis for pointing me in the right direction!

    Specifying a unique midi message for each slider value?

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