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    couldn’t think what else to call the topic:
    when you copy a modulator it often(?) takes/inherits
    some attributes/properties with it.

    for example, modulators that copy and then tell you they still
    belong to tab#4, when they are no longer on a tab.

    some fields need to be cleared on paste to a new location.
    seems this way, anyway. how about a ‘check-structure’ routine?
    would that be a good idea? to re-jig the whole file into shape to
    avoid errors..maybe not. but weeding out things like that can be
    tedious. – i tend to copy an object and modify it, rather than
    making a fresh new one, and copying all the style+size etc. atttributes,
    because it’s quicker.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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