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    human fly
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    having seen examples of methods that are a collection
    of functions that can be either called at startup, or
    from any method, i’ve started using this, and it works
    well to simplify a long method.

    however: i’ve also found, conversely, that it can make it
    quite complicated to keep track if you overuse this practice:
    ie: keeping track of variable names, or just ending up with
    situations where functions are run more than once, and become

    any thoughts and tips on using and handling these external
    functions? (i quite like being able to summarise a piece of
    code by simply invoking it, and, wherever possible, keeping
    my method to something quite short and easily ‘scannable’)

    does this constitute ‘spaghetti’, and make it unreadable?
    or is it in fact good practice?

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    While I’m not a programmer, it’s very useful to have functions independent of methods, so you can call them at any time form anywhere.

    Remember that you can use local variables to avoid problems with their names

    filter = panel:getModualtorByName(“Filter) — global variable
    local filter = panel:getModualtorByName(“Filter) — local variable

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    I’m using one method as container for several functions. This method is then not connected to any modulator or panel element.
    When connected to a modulator or panel element thenh it is better to have one to one.
    And the same method can be used for several modulators performing the same stuff (for example OscShape_OnChange working for Osc1, Osc2, Osc3…). Just a matter to identify the modulator that triggered the method…

    human fly
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    yes yes it’s great, and i got the idea from goodweather – probably
    both of you in fact. except i’m a bit of a novice at it, and tried
    to be too clever probably, and had one function that was so useful
    it ended up called by other functions, and the whole thing was getting
    a bit circuitous lol
    ie: i checked, enabling a console print, and saw that appear 3x each
    time i clicked a button.
    so maybe i just need to cool my heels a little and organise a bit better.

    human fly
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    but it did occur to me that i could go quite a long way
    with these function calls – ie: each time i want the
    display refreshed, even something very simple, sending
    text to a label, insert the function. in fact just keeping
    this simple, and not depending on too much other stuff,
    could be best (with what i’m doing).

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