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    I am abit confused about the midimessage standard for bank change, i’ve read it can differ from synth to synth?
    A typical note message on off at midichannel 1
    [09:46:01:000555]: RAW:[144 037 023]
    [09:46:01:000695]: RAW:[128 037 016]
    And i guess at the typical drumchannel 10
    [09:46:01:000555]: RAW:[153 037 023]
    [09:46:01:000695]: RAW:[153 037 016]
    Right now i only have a Roland SC-7 hooked up and it lacks banks. But i also have a Korg N364 that do have banks. But now i wonder can all synths “receive” bank messages over midi? I found a little implementation chart by someone, but i can’t figure out what message to send to make a bankchange “preferably in decimal”, i am currently making a “hobby programming” sequenser in javascript, and want to support instrument files.

    But i do not know howto construct the bankchange messages for my Korg N364. Programchange and midichannel was just as above, but i need help to figure out how to construct the bankchange message.
    “Maybe there is a more general standard for bankchange, what is the message for a soundfont?”

    Best regards Jonas Thörnvall.
    “PS i just found CTRLR, so i just understood it is an “UI “builder?” for hardware software with the supported messages via software or?

    “I could think of a function that may already be there, having the inputs from a controller keyboard, be routed “attached” to a specific “midi message in” on software/hardware by just draw a line between the “panel input” keyboard controller knob and the “panel output” hardware/software?.

    Basicly just a translation of the message standard message from keyboard controller knob, into the requested function you want to reach in “out panel” hardware/software” but maybe this functionality is already there?

    A panel Editor for the N364 would be a dream, it is quite an advanced synthesizer engine, but the UI for the whole synth/workstation is a nightmare, it got a nice sequenser that is far to messy to deal with because of the UI, i guess that also could be a panel? for recording, editing and building tracks? Well as long those features supported over midi?

    Here is the MIDI info i found on the Korg N364 i am probably not the one to do a panel for Korg N364, i just know to little about GM and the Korg.

    “But i would very much like to know howto construct the bankchange message for it.”
    So please write a line if you know, preferably decimal message.

    [ KORG N264/N364 SysEx – A Quick Reference Guide ]

    Compiler: Kenneth Jonsson (http://user.tninet.se/~ufn204a)
    Updated: April 29, 1998.

    All pages & tables refer to the N264/N364 Reference Guide.

    x = global MIDI channel: 0 through F (equals 1 through 16)

    SysEx start F0
    KORG ID number 42
    MIDI channel 3x
    N-series ID 35
    Function code
    SysEx end F7
    Current program F0 42 3x 35 10 F7 *
    Current combination F0 42 3x 35 19 F7 *

    Global data F0 42 3x 35 0E 00 F7
    Pattern set F0 42 3x 35 09 00 F7
    Drumkits F0 42 3x 35 0D 00 F7
    All programs F0 42 3x 35 1C 00 F7
    All combinations F0 42 3x 35 1D 00 F7
    All sequencer songs F0 42 3x 35 18 00 F7
    All data F0 42 3x 35 0F 00 F7

    Current mode F0 42 3x 35 12 F7

    * = N264/N364 must be in prog or combi mode respectively
    Combination mode F0 42 3x 35 4E 00 00 F7
    Program mode F0 42 3x 35 4E 02 00 F7
    Sequencer mode F0 42 3x 35 4E 04 00 F7

    Global mode F0 42 3x 35 4E 06 00 F7
    Disk mode F0 42 3x 35 4E 07 00 F7

    Combi edit mode F0 42 3x 35 4E 01 00 F7
    Prog edit mode F0 42 3x 35 4E 03 00 F7
    Seq edit mode F0 42 3x 35 4E 05 00 F7
    In-data format error F0 42 3x 35 26 F7
    Data load completed F0 42 3x 35 23 F7
    Data load error F0 42 3x 35 24 F7
    Write completed F0 42 3x 35 21 F7
    Write error F0 42 3x 35 22 F7
    Prog write request F0 42 3x 35 11 0b nn F7
    Combi write request F0 42 3x 35 1A 0b nn F7
    Prog/combi param change F0 42 3x 35 41 yy zz vv ww F7 *
    Drum kit param change F0 42 3x 35 53 0k ss 0p vv ww F7

    b = bank number: A=0, B=1
    nn = prog/combi number: 00 through 99 (decimal)
    yy = parameter number LSB (see tables 8 through 12 on page 225)
    zz = parameter number MSB ( – ” – )
    vv = value LSB (see note 13 on page 220)
    ww = value MSB ( – ” – )
    * = N264/N364 must be in prog edit mode to change current prog
    parameters, and in combi edit mode to change current combi
    k = drum kit number: A1=0, A2=1, B1=2, B2=3
    ss = index number: 00 through 59 (decimal)
    p = parameter number (see table 13 on page 225)
    Select seq song F3 0s (s = 0 through 9)
    Start seq play FA
    Continue seq play FB
    Stop seq play FC
    Seq position F2 yy zz

    Master volume F0 7F gg 04 01 yy zz F7
    Master balance F0 7F gg 04 02 yy zz F7
    Master balance center F0 7F gg 04 02 00 40 F7

    General MIDI mode on F0 7E gg 09 01 7F
    Instrument ID request F0 7E gg 06 01 7F (see table 1-4 on page 214)

    Timing clock F8
    Active sensing FE

    gg = global MIDI channel: 00 through 0F, or 7F for any channel
    yy = LSB: 00 through 7F
    zz = MSB: 00 through 7F

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